Black Hills Hockey Academy



The Black Hills Hockey Academy strives to create a memorable week long hockey camp for all athletes. Along with coaching, competition and repetition, our staff aims to create an experience that mirrors the highest levels of hockey. We do this through our daily structure, the uncommon and creative ways we teach common and crucial hockey skills, and by putting a big focus on the atmosphere and the all-around athlete experience.

Each year our jerseys are redesigned and then custom made for all athletes who are registered before the jersey order deadline. Custom jerseys include any number the athletes choose, and any name they would like to put on the jersey. We have had some very creative names over the years. The younger kids often gravitate towards first names, and the older kids tend to go with nicknames. We have had “Thing 1 and Thing 2” siblings and have even had some gamer tags. Have fun with it… it’s your jersey!

2024 Custom Jersey Design

Sizing Charts

Some of our previous jersey Designs